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The Healing Nature of Assertiveness

  What is Assertiveness Assertiveness is a core social skill that can help relieve feelings of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, overwhelm and improve relationships, improve mental and physical health and help you be happier. The reason why assertiveness is healing is because it can help you grow your emotional intelligence, help you be more authentic

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Healing from Dysfunctional & Toxic Families and People  What Does it Mean to Have a Dysfunctional or Toxic Family? Families are supposed to be about love, caring, compassion and taking care of each other. In an ideal world yes, that is what a family is about. However, research shows that between 70% to 96% of people are growing up in dysfunctional families

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Healing Your Heart Year of Freedom Theme: Healing Your Heart   Heart Break & Wounds to Your Heart I am a fan of healing broken hearts and living life with your whole heart as opposed to half-hearted living or being one of the walking wounded. You are in excellent company if you have suffered a broken heart

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