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Consulting and Training

For more than a decade Lisa has provided consulting and training to both small and large companies and organizations in the areas of business growth and development, staff training and development, and in the area of food service the establishment of a food allergy and gluten free program to meet needs. Her past clients include one of the largest Universities in the country, as well as small and intermediate sized businesses. She is highly qualified to conduct a need assessment, and develop and execute a plan to address a variety of business issues (beyond food allergies and gluten) including re-branding, addressing competitive threats, low employee morale, developing marketing strategies and more. Initial consultations to discuss the issues and problems are free and welcome.

Motivational Speaking and Life Coaching

Whether you or your organization desires to find happiness from within, I’m here to help! Unlike other life coach websites, Love.Life. is also a motivational speaker website. Whether I’m working with individuals or groups, I aim to inspire people to find what they are passionate about, while guiding them towards a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Create a life you love

No longer will you have to ask “how can I become a happier person?” once you work with me and gain the insight and self-help needed to pursue your dreams or overcome trauma. Unlike some other self-help motivational speakers, I’ve lived through it all and have overcome challenges from toxic relationships to health issues of my daughter. Are you looking for a motivational speaker to discuss health, ways to fix a relationship, or how to improve your life? Continue reading to see why you’ve come to the right place!

Opportunities to Have a Motivational Speaker

The goal of my motivational speaking is to help my audience learn how to have a better life and achieve life goals they’ve always wanted. Using my personal experiences, I touch on both the emotional and mental aspects of making personal changes in our lives.

You can book me for any of the following:

  • Work events
  • Community centers,
  • Conferences,
  • School events,
  • And more!

What Is a Life Coach?

Maybe you are a single individual who is looking for some extra guidance in your life. Before diving into the benefits of having a life coach, let’s discuss what one actually is. A life coach is someone who regularly meets with you, in person, or virtually, to discuss your current life goals and helps you come up with and follow a plan to achieve those goals!

What services does a life coach provide? I provide structured and empathetic guidance based on proven research and my own life experience dealing with and overcoming life obstacles. Below are some benefits that have been proven time and time again.

Benefits of Having a Life Coach

Are life coaches worth it? This is a common thought many people have. Or they may believe they don’t actually need a life coach to achieve what they’ve been struggling with. Others view life coaches as therapists when they aren’t. Though benefits and results depend on each individual’s goals, here are some actual benefits of having a life coach:


We all think we can keep ourselves in check. However, the reality is many of us fail to do so because we were never given the skills to do so on our own. That’s one benefit having a life coach can bring: someone to be there and ensure you stick to your goals. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed in any way to need someone’s help. True strength is shown when you reach out for help. We all need help in our lives at some point.

Improved performance

My experience and knowledge will offer you tips and tricks based on psychology no matter what areas you’re looking to improve: time management, productivity, relationships, self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.

Increased positivity

Let’s face it, many of us are meaner to ourselves than we are to other people. That being said, having another person there to give you praise and support is invaluable.

Improved health and personal relationships

Along with the increase in positivity and improved performance will free up other areas of your life. For example, positivity often results in lower stress, which benefits your overall health. As well, with your newfound happiness, your communication with friends and family can improve to continuing boosting the meaning and fulfillment in your life.

So, if you’ve decided you or your organization would like to work with me, or you have questions, contact me today!