Self-Empowerment Articles

Do you often feel like you are losing in life? Maybe you struggle to feel in control of your own life. If either is the case, it may mean you could benefit from learning about self-empowerment. You can do this through my blog’s self-empowerment articles on a variety of topics.

What Is Personal Empowerment?

Personal empowerment, or self-empowerment, is the ability to practice skills and self-talk to feel in control of your life while lifting yourself up in difficult circumstances. When people lack personal-empowerment, they may find themselves lacking control over what they do, allowing others or life circumstances to dictate what they do or how they feel. As well, they may lack confidence in their own decisions.

Simply put, the term “empowerment, means to become powerful. Continue reading if you’d like to know how you can gain more self-confidence and have more power over your life.

How to Empower Myself

In order to master self-empowerment, you need to first start with self-awareness so you can know your strengths, weakness, and areas of your life and yourself you want to improve. You’ll need to set meaningful goals to have a clear picture of where to take action.

To achieve these goals, you might need to adjust some of the behaviors that lead to lower self-confidence or get in the way of you controlling your life. Sometimes you may need to examine the deeper beliefs you hold about your life, yourself, and others.

While it may sound simple, starting the road to self-empowerment can be difficult and challenging at times. This is why I’ve provided articles on self-empowerment to help guide you on your journey. Check out these posts today to get started!

The Healing Nature of Assertiveness

  What is Assertiveness Assertiveness is a core social skill that can help relieve feelings of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, overwhelm and improve relationships, improve mental and physical health and help you be happier. The reason why assertiveness is healing is because it can help you grow your emotional intelligence, help you be more authentic

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Healing from Dysfunctional & Toxic Families and People

https://youtu.be/c9nAHGdrq_8  What Does it Mean to Have a Dysfunctional or Toxic Family? Families are supposed to be about love, caring, compassion and taking care of each other. In an ideal world yes, that is what a family is about. However, research shows that between 70% to 96% of people are growing up in dysfunctional families

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Healing Your Heart

https://youtu.be/Nvz_JzbwmPYOctober Year of Freedom Theme: Healing Your Heart   Heart Break & Wounds to Your Heart I am a fan of healing broken hearts and living life with your whole heart as opposed to half-hearted living or being one of the walking wounded. You are in excellent company if you have suffered a broken heart

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Here’s How to Ditch Loneliness and Isolation for Good

https://youtu.be/SyKZjfKXSC4  The Common Nature of Loneliness and Isolation Feeling lonely or isolated has been an issue that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time according to the research. Feelings of loneliness or isolation fall under the umbrella of dealing with emotional pain and can lead to or be sourced by depression, low self-esteem, feeling

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Deep Dive: Emotional Pain and How To Use It to Your Advantage

Deep Dive: Emotional Pain and How to Use It to Your Advantage Being alive and being human involves emotional pain because that is simply a part of life. There are so many reasons and causes for emotional pain. What seems clear to me is that we are just not that good at dealing with emotional

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