Look, Look – I Won a Book Giveaway

Look, Look – I Won a Book Giveaway


You know that you love winning free prizes because everyone loves getting free stuff! And my prizes are very useful and make great gifts. The success of my first giveaway, The Year of Freedom Giveaway, has inspired my newest giveaway: Look, Look – I Won a Book! Each month for the next six months (March 2022 to August 2022), I will be giving away two books per month – one of each of my current titles. There is no cost to register to win and the rules are included below the registration page and at the end of this blog post. It is open to residents of the Continental U.S. for shipping purposes meaning no books will be shipped outside of the Continental United States. Here’s the great news about my giveaway, you can take additional actions to get extra entries to win in the giveaway – namely by posting a comment on a blog post or by sharing a blog post. Will that help your chances of winning? Yes, it will. A significant number of winners in the Year of Freedom Giveaway were those people who posted comments on my blog posts, which I do ready, so I recognized their name when they were drawn as a winner. Winner are drawn blindly by the plug-in.


I don’t sell or use your email if you register for the giveaway. To be honest, I am too busy to be bombarding my email list with emails. Sorry folks. I know that is the most common practice, but I am too busy generating new content to send out emails to the people who have subscribed to my blog. If you are going to register, please be sure to check your email regularly to see if you have won because in my Year of Freedom Giveaway, almost 50% of the winners never claimed their prize and a replacement winner was drawn. By the end of the year, I was so tired of the additional effort that doing a second drawing name, that I capped it off. So, if you want to win, you do need to check your email because you have 1 week to respond to the winner notification email to provide your shipping address.


Look, Look – I Won a Book Giveaway Program Details and Rules:

1.    There is absolutely NO COST for you to participate. Zero cost.

2.    This Giveaway is only open to residents of the Continental United States. No prizes will be shipped outside of a Continental U.S. address.

3.    You, as a human being, can only enter as one person. You are not allowed to use multiple email addresses to increase your chances of winning. Your email address is used as the means to notify you that you have been selected as a winner. Once you are selected as a winner for a giveaway item, you will receive an automatic email stating you have won and asking for your shipping address.

4.    Winners are selected by what is called a “giveaway plugin” that tracks entries and automatically picks winners. We are using the Raffle Press giveaway plugin.

5.    If you fail to reply to the notification that you have won within 7 days, then your giveaway item will go to someone else because items won are to be shipped out within 7 days. So, watch your email and make sure that you add my website to your accepted sites.

6.    To participate you need to register by subscribing to the blog at www.LisaALundy.com. You will never be bombarded by emails from Lisa A. Lundy. By subscribing to the blog you will ONLY receive new blog posts in your email. No additional emails will be sent asking you to do anything other than if you are a winner. Winners will be notified automatically by email.

7.    If you want to increase your chances for winning one of my books there are two ways you can increase your entries to win: by sharing blog posts on social media and by leaving a comment on a blog post.

8.    For each blog post you share on social media, you will receive an additional entry or chance to win giveaway items. There are over 38 blog posts meaning if you share each blog post you can gain 38 more entries into the giveaway program.

9.    For each comment you leave on a blog post, you will receive an additional entry or chance to win giveaway items. Because there are over 38 blog posts that means that you can get an additional 38 more entries into the giveaway program.

10. There is no obligation by Lisa A. Lundy to award you a giveaway item if you FAIL to respond to the winner notification email. It is completely your responsibility to check your email to see if you are a winner.

11. Participants agree to hold harmless and waive any legal actions against Ms. Lundy if they do not win a giveaway item OR they do not receive a prize (book) that was shipped to the address that you provided upon notification of your win.

12. If you win a giveaway item but do not pick it up when it is shipped to you, and it is returned back to us, it will not be sent to you a second time. File that under “you snooze, you lose”.

13. Ms. Lundy reserves the right to terminate this program at any time and she reserves the right to add additional giveaway items to the program above and beyond what is in the initial offering.

14. YOUR name, email address and any information will NEVER be sold or shared or given away because I, Lisa A. Lundy, respect and value your privacy.

Book Cover

Currently you can read about 98% of the book for free by just reading my blog posts.

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  1. Thanks for your generosity. My daughter & I won a prize from your last giveaway & loved it. Your blog posts are very insightful.

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