Love.Life. Allergy & Gluten Free Cookbook

The Love.Life. Allergy & Gluten Free Cookbook contains over 300 recipes that are all gluten free, wheat free, milk free, lactose free, egg free, casein free, egg free, peanut free, tree nut free and coconut free. Additionally, this cookbook contains very few recipes that use soy. All of the recipes have been tested by separate recipe testers for accuracy and viability of the recipe. This new cookbook contains the best recipes from Lisa’s first allergy and gluten free cookbook, which is no longer in print due to a variety of factors including one or more staple ingredients not being manufactured any longer rendering too many recipes invalid. Cooks and bakers who need to avoid major allergens and gluten fill find this cookbook filled with amazing recipes to meet your needs.

Love.Life. Handbook Book Cover

Love.Life. ™ – A Handbook on Being Well Loved, Happy & Healthy~ provides the tools, habits, practices, skills, attitudes and beliefs to help people live an amazing and happy life even when times are extremely difficult. This book provides the reader with the steps it takes to bring love, happiness, peace, joy and contentment into their lives in a logical, rational and practical fashion based on research and proven techniques. It is a no-nonsense book on how to be highly functional in life regardless of your circumstances. It is ideal for individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, have wounds from living life, who come from dysfunctional families or otherwise are having trouble in life or whom are stuck.

Love, being well loved, and happiness are three key ingredients missing from the lives of too many people in the world. As a rule, we don’t teach emotional intelligence and assertiveness in society leaving people unaware of how to identify, process and manage their emotions. You are either in control of your emotions or your emotions are running your life. We don’t teach individuals what it takes to have strong coping skills in life or how to generate their own happiness even when life is hard, which is one of several reasons why people are tired, unhappy and sapped of energy much of the time.

Life is hard. There is no doubt about that. What does it take to get through life when it is hard? What makes life easier? There are an abundance of habits, practices, skills, attitudes and beliefs that make life easier, more fun, more relaxing, more joyful and happier, which is what is covered in this book. Topics included in this book include: love and happiness, personal growth and development, empowering practices, skills, habits, attitudes and beliefs, nutrition, health and wellness, dealing with emotions and problems, and specific content devoted to dealing with the coronavirus and pandemic.

Change is also hard, which is why Ms. Lundy advocates for readers having a personal reward system, which is explained in the book. A personal reward system, properly designed by you, can provide inspiration, motivation and help you stay on track for making changes and implementing new habits. Support and motivation can also be found in Ms. Lundy’s YouTube channel with over 120 videos to inspire you to live your best life or on her Love.Life. ™ podcast of the same name.

This book will have the most impact for the reader if they are willing to become awake and aware to how they are living life now and what they want in life, and then get into action to take the steps to grow and develop new skills, habits, practices, attitudes and beliefs. Reading the book alone might make a difference, but the real power in this book is in taking control of your life and bringing love, happiness, joy and all of the good stuff that life has to offer into your everyday life – all of which is possible for readers willing to get in action.

You don’t have to be stuck unhappy, feeling unloved, or being in the grind of life. You can have a happy life where you are loved and living an inspired, peaceful and contented life. Love.Life. ™



About the Author

The author of the best-selling gluten-free and allergen-free cook‐ book The Super Allergy GirlTM Allergy & Celiac Cookbook, Lisa A. Lundy, is the former Executive Director of the Integrative Medicine Consortium and a seasoned sales executive who previously worked with Xerox Corporation, Bausch & Lomb, and Rhone-Poulenc Rorer pharmaceuticals (Dermik Labs). On top of it all, she is a mother to three young adults whose goal in life is to help others master ways to be happier with their life via her Love.Life.TM blog, her YouTube video channel, this book, and her public speaking events and soon her Podcast of the same name Love.Life. TM.

Due to her daughter’s premature birth, failure to thrive diagnosis, severe allergies, malnutrition, malabsorption, and other health issues, she was not predicted to survive or have a high quality of life if she did survive. Due to many factors, including expert integrative physicians, advanced medical treatments, and other interventions, Lisa’s daughter not only survived but has broken all medical mile‐ stones and is a thriving young woman in the honors program at her college a year ahead of schedule.

Her daughter is not brain-damaged, has no cognitive or functioning impairments, and has avoided the heartbreaking medical prognosis given at age one. There are few success stories like this in the world, which has given Lisa the medical research and training to speak to laypeople in everyday language about a variety of health-related topics, in addition to the self-improvement topics covered in her content.

While Lisa was the first Executive Director of the newly formed Integrative Medicine Consortium (IMC), she also homeschooled her three children, marketed her Allergy & Celiac Cookbook, and participated in getting credentialed by Toastmasters International to the highest level of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) of which only 1% of Toastmasters ever achieve. All of these demonstrate her extraordinary time management skills. Lisa received her B.S. degree in Marketing from Penn State University where she participated in many extracurricular activities that provided leadership and growth opportunities.

Fully engaged in life, Lisa’s hobbies include watercolor painting, paper crafting, sewing, soap making, walking and outdoor activities, teaching her dog new tricks and of course socializing with her peeps. She loves helping people have happier lives full of love, which inspired the theme of her blog: Love.Life.TM