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I Miss You Like Crazy

©2022 Lisa A Lundy
Since I can’t talk to you right now,
I wanted you to know that I miss you like crazy.
Because how would you know…
That I think about you every day when I pray for you,
That I think about you when I hear certain songs,
That I think about you when all the things you used to do and love come into my mind,
That I think about you when I see people out in life especially children or people your age,
That I wonder how you are doing,
That I wonder if you are happy and doing well,
So, yes, I miss you like crazy and more than you could ever know.
All I ever wanted was for you to be happy, healthy and well loved.
I will always be here for you,
To help you however I can.
I will always love you with a tender fierceness that only some people can understand.
You have a beautiful soul.
You are an amazing person.
You have a beautiful future and not just because you are smart or gifted in so many ways,
It’s because you have a great heart, an amazing personality, character and integrity.
I hope you are proud of who you are.
I hope that you are proud of what you have accomplished in life.
My prayer for your is that you have a very happy and Blessed Life,
That God protects you from all evil and harm,
And that you know that you are deeply loved.
I have made lots of mistakes in my life and some with you.
I have apologized and I am sorry, as you know.
I can’t change what happened.
Even though our lives are separate now, I had to let you know that I carry you deep in my heart,
I will always love you,
I would do anything that I could do for you.
I just wanted you to know that I miss you like crazy.
God Bless you!

It is NOT Your Fault

©2022 Lisa A Lundy
You are in a period of deep hardship. I know.
Actually, I don’t know, I am just imagining that you are.
I am imagining that you are because the situation you have
      found yourself in would be so hard for anyone at any age.
It is important that you know that it is NOT your fault.
No. It is not your fault.
It was the perfect storm that landed you where you are right now.
Circumstances that you had no control over have led you here.
Instead of laying blame or pointing fingers, let’s just say that
      The Universe is offering you an opportunity to grow and develop.
Because you know that is how I look at hardships and pain.
I promise you that it is definitely not your fault although
      You might feel that way.
If you are like most people then you are probably
      Beating yourself up mercilessly and endlessly.
Cut yourself a break, please.
You are an amazing person for so many reasons.
You are a beautiful person in so many ways.
Hardships and pain either make you better or bitter.
I hope you will use any hardship or pain to become better.
Hardships and pain can be great tools to polish our virtues
      And become better people.
And I know that is not easy when you are up against it.
Don’t lose hope for better days because they will come.
Hope springs eternal and hope is a powerful tool in life.
Each day when you wake up commit to having the best day
      That you possibly can. And then do that.
One day at a time. One moment at a time. That is how you
      Get through periods of pain and suffering. I know.
You know that I know.
Hang in there. God’s got you even when it feels like
      He doesn’t.
God doesn’t forsake His children.
Do things that make you happy.
Take good care of yourself in every way that you can.
Trust and believe that things will work out in the end.
I hope you know that I would do anything for you that I could.
I will always love you and be there for you.
When I can help you, I will.
You deserve to be well loved, happy and healthy.
You got this. I know that you do.
Miss you like crazy!
Love you like crazy!

You Deserve to Be Well Loved

©2022 Lisa A Lundy
You are a remarkable and amazing human being.
You deserve Love.
You deserve to Be Well Loved.
You are very lovable. I know.
I love you. I love you like crazy.
Other people love you too. Some of them love you like crazy.
By the way, crazy means extremely enthusiastic. Ha-ha.
You are worthy of love.
You are very worthy of love in every way.
Sometimes the people who are supposed to love us either don’t or are mean, cruel or abusive.
That happens a lot. More than you might realize.
That is painful, hard and tragic even though it is common.
Every day when you wake up, think about how much I love you and how much other people love you.
Then, start loving yourself.
Everyday tell yourself – I am worthy and deserving of love.
And then say to yourself – and so I shall have it.
Do what you can do to make your life better.
A little bit here. A little bit there.
It all adds up.
You got this. I know you do.
I love you with all of my heart and soul!

Counter-Balance the Negative

©2022 Lisa A Lundy
When life is hard and times are difficult, you have to counter-balance the negative.
Every day you have to do one small thing that makes you happy and feel good.
Start walking or exercising if you are not doing that now.
Start keeping a journal – every once in a while, but at least once a month.
Make sure you keep that where no one else can read it…or they will.
Join Toastmasters or some other professional club to forward your career and give you space.
Make it a point to get out and see friends even though it might cause and upset.
Do it anyway.
You have to start doing things that make you happy and counter-balance the negative stuff.
You are a really, really great person who deserves love and to be treated well.
Counter-balance the negative as much as you possibly can.
Hang in there. You got this.
Love You.