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Look, Look - I Won a Book - Winners

March 2022
  • Tasha B. - Jamaica Queens, NY
  • Kim R. - Watsontown, PA
April 2022
  • Jeanna M. - Marana, AZ
  • Sheila V. - Aurora, CO
May 2022
  • Kathy S. - Cheektowaga, NY
June 2022
  • Denise D. - Indiana, PA
  • Katherine A. - Bel Air, MD
Year of Freedom Winners *Irregularities in the numbers of winners listed is a result of selected winners not claiming their prizes and new winners having to be drawn. August winners were selected weekly and starting in September 2020, winners are drawn on a monthly basis. August 2020 Winners: Week 1:
  1. Cheryl T., Jonesborough, TN – Large Love.Life. zipper pouch
  2. Janel L., Norfolk, VA – Handmade face mask
  3. Shelia V., Orinda, CA – LOVE metal sign
  4. Roger Y., Hamilton, OH – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  5. Ruben R., Melourne, FL – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  6. Monique H.K., Menomonie, WI – $25.00 VISA gift card
  7. Achsah L., Round Rock, TX – Handmade face mask
  8. Tammy C., Las Vegas, NV – Large Love.Life. zipper pouch
  9. Linda Y., Campbell, CA – Large Love.Life. zipper pouch
  10. Tandi , Corpus Christie, TX – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
Week 2:
  1. Briana C., Fort Pierce, FL – Love.Life. desk top metal sign
  2. Kathie H., Elk Grove, CA – Large Love.Life. zipper pouch
  3. Roy F., Los Angeles, CA – Large Love.Life. zipper pouch
  4. Catherine D., Roxbury Crossing, MA – Village Eatery Gift Bag
  5. Audrey B., Matlacha Isles, FL – $25.00 VISA gift card
  6. Sherry M., Red Bay, AL – Large Love.Life. zipper pouch
  7. John G., Lodi, CA – Handmade face mask
  8. Kim N., Bensalem, PA – Handmade cork wallet
Week 3:
  1. Carol V., Rochester, NY – Metal LOVE Sign
  2. Liz K., Eau Claire, WI – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  3. Barbara K., Hebron, IN – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  4. Soraya M., Pembroke Pines, FL – Large Love.Life. zipper pouch
  5. Frankie P., Northpoint, AL – Hand sanitizer
  6. Sophia- K. W., Buffalo, NY – Handmade face mask
  7. Yukti B., Olathe, KS – Handmade Wooden Bird
  8. Terri B., Hickory, TN – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  9. Tammy H., New Smyrna Beach, FL – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
Week 4: (Extra winners to make up for unclaimed prizes from previous weeks)
  1. Andrea A., Olympia, WA – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  2. Carl S., Champaign, IL – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  3. Robbie E., Blythewood, SC – Hand painted water color (6×9)
  4. Patti D., Ironwood, MI – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  5. Asia W., Scranton, PA – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  6. Melanie B., Wilmington, DE – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  7. Chris C., Escondido, CA – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  8. Ashley Z., Morristown, TN – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  9. Pamela A., Duluth, MN – Love.Life Shoulder tote bag
  10. Katherine S., Colorado Springs, CO – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  11. Alice M., Las Vegas, NV – Love.Life. Metal desk sign
  12. Ricky L., Rockwood, TN – $25 VISA gift card
  13. Michelle F., Erie, PA – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  14. Cathy B., O’Fallon MO – Love Pillow
  15. Danielle M., Dover, PA – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  16. Debbie S., Parma, OH – Sterling Silver bracelet
  17. Elise M., Las Cruces, NM – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  18. Laurie D., Toms River, NJ – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  19. Christina S., Orrtanna, PA – Water color painting (6×9)
  20. Danielle N, Norton Shores, MI – Water color painting (6×9)
  21. Teresa E., Mount Bethel, PA – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  22. Edwinna R., Los Angeles, CA – Hand made face mask
  23. Sara S., Pittsburgh, PA – $25 VISA gift card
  24. Dawn H.S., N.Chesterfield, VA – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
September 2020 Winners:
  1. Shietha P.,Gresham, OR – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  2. Kara G., Lodi, CA – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  3. Antoinette M., Waunakee, WI – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  4. John S., Melbourne, FL – Love.Life Shoulder tote bag
  5. Luz S., Tampa, FL – PSU Christmas stocking
  6. Esther B., Highland Park, NJ – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  7. Andrea B., Shingle Springs, CA – Love.Life Shoulder tote bag
  8. John C., East Longmeadow, MA – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  9. Paula O., Abington, PA – Handmade Face mask
  10. Alma L., Sierra Vista, AZ – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  11. Carmen F, Soddy- Daisy, TN – Love.Life Shoulder tote bag
  12. Vickie L., Toledo, OH – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
October 2020 Winners:
  1. Nancy B., Columbia, PA -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  2. Ryan B., Shoreline, WA -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  3. Carol C., Joaquin TX -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  4. Andrea E., Gastonia, NC -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  5. Janis O., Ankeny, IA -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  6. Baden J., Saginaw, MI -Handmade face mask
  7. Cheryl M., Fairbury, NE -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  8. Angela K., Danville, IN -Handmade face mask
  9. Kim W., Bethany OK -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
November 2020 Winners:
  1. Danice H., Cypress, CA -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  2. Will S., Fort Lauderdale, FL -6” x 9” Original watercolor
  3. Vickie G., Maricopa, AZ -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  4. Crystal A., Littlerock, CA -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  5. Brittany G., Arden, NC -Handmade Portuguese Wallet
  6. Vicki B., Gainesville, FL -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  7. Dawn J., Beaverton, OR -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  8. Angie B., Reklaw, TX -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  9. Catherine M., Waverly, TX -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  10. Rita W., San Antonio, TX -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  11. Lisa K., Arlington, TX -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  12. Julie L., Fort Mohave, AZ -8” x 10” Original watercolor painting
  13. Lin W., Lake Station, IN -Handmade face mask
  14. Geri L., Oswego, IL -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  15. Judy E., Trabuco Canyon, CA -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  16. Vicki S., Eastpointe, MI -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  17. Jeryl D., Albuquerque, NM -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  18. Marina S., Parkville, MD -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  19. Lesley F., Wales, WI -Original 8” x 10” Watercolor painting
December 2020 Winners:
  1. Rhonda T., Vian, OK -Handmade Face mask
  2. Amy R., Hatboro, PA -Handmade Face mask
January 2021 Winners:
  1. Marilyn W., Miramar Beach, FL-Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag>/li>
  2. Denise S., Cary, NC-Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  3. Dave C., Casper, WO-Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  4. William D., West Orange, NJ-Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  5. Diana D., Bloomington, IN-Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
Feburary 2021 Winners:
  1. Kimberly H., Rock Hill, SC-6”x9” Original Watercolor art
  2. Jerrica S., Ellsworth, SD-Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  3. Susan K., Fort Myers, FL-Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  4. Lilly C., Junction City, KS-Love.Life. Metal sign
  5. Frank S., Yorktown, VA-Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  6. Kristyn C., Spotswood, NJ-Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  7. Nancy R., Beaver Falls, PA-Love.Life. Book (Handbook on Life)
  8. Mike M., Floral Park, NY-Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
March 2021 Winners:
  1. Kelly P., Valparaiso, IN-Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  2. Laura B., Ormond Beach, FL-Handmade face mask
  3. Marcus M., Canton, OH-Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  4. Michele C., Naples, FL -Love.Life. Book (Handbook for…)
  5. Crystal B., Niagara Falls, NY-Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  6. Delilah M., Harvest, AL-6” x 9” Original Watercolor art
  7. Marilyn M., Odessa, FL-6” x 9” Original Watercolor art
  8. Audrey S., Johns Island, SC-Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  9. Suzanne B., Holden, MO-Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
April 2021 Winners:
  1. William S., Moneta, VA-Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  2. Marcus M., Canton, OH -Handmade Face Mask
  3. Larry M., Wright City, MO -Love.Life Large zipper pouch
  4. Tara E., Marlton, NJ -Love.Life. Handbook for Being…
  5. Michael H., Mt. Pleasant, MI -Metal Love Sign
  6. Roger H., Huntington, WV -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
May 2021 Winners:
  1. Amy K., Edgewater, CO – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  2. Sherrie F., The Villages, FL – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
June 2021 & July 2021 Winners:
  1. Naomi O., Dayton, NV -Love.Life Large zipper pouch
  2. Janice P., S. St. Paul, MN -6”x9” original water color painting
  3. Thomas T., Crimora, VA -Handmade Face Mask
  4. Randy P., Sacramento, CA -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  5. Kathy M., Meridian, ID -Handmade Face Mask
  6. Anita J., Louisa, KY -6”x9” original water color painting
  7. Jessica N., Lytle, TX -Handmade Face Mask
  8. Kristy W., Kalamazoo, MI -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  9. Nancy K., Huntington Beach, CA -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  10. Wendy P., Quakertown, PA -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  11. Lisa Z., Washington, DC -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  12. Chris L., Struthers, OH -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  13. Diane W., Palmyra, NJ -Handmade Face Mask
  14. Thanay B., Ohkay Owingeh, NM -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  15. Kathy P., Mountain City, TN -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  16. Rajarajeswari P., Coppell, TX -6”x9” original water color painting
  17. Pat K., Tolono, IL -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
*Year of Freedom Giveaway Notes: The Year of Freedom Giveaway is now over. Each month of the Year of Freedom Giveaway, I had 50% or greater of the winners not respond to claim their prize. To compensate for winners who did not claim their prizes in the time provided, additional replacement names were drawn in the subsequent month. The remaining unclaimed prizes will be rolled over to a future giveaway. I learned that I love giving away free prizes! I learned that a significant number of people who enter giveaways use “special” emails that they don’t check or allow to lapse. It was fun and rewarding and I will definitely do it again in the future. Congratulations to all the winners! Love, Lisa