Love.Life. Author Launches New Book and Podcast

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Love.Life. ™ Author Launches New Book and Podcasts

You haven’t heard from me in a while and I bet you were so busy that you didn’t even notice! Well I have been busy and this post will get you caught up with what is new. If you are entered in my Year of Freedom Giveaway (going on until July 2021) please make sure you are checking your emails for prize notifications because I have a reasonably high number of people who are not claiming their prizes. You have one week once I email you to claim your prize by replying to the email and providing a shipping address. If you are entered in my Giveaway, I am going to be adding copies of my new book to the prizes! Woo hoo! If you are struggling with a New Year starting, I would suggest that several of my new podcasts can help you get sorted out, which you can see below.

New Love.Life. ™ Book Launched

The idea for putting my blog posts into a book came from a blog reader in 2019, the year I started blogging. She was taking notes from my blog posts and then reviewing her notes and she said that it would be very helpful to have the blog posts in a book. I have taken that suggestion and published my blog posts in a 462-page book, which you can read more about here. It is available in both paperback and eBook through various retailers and Book Cover Currently you can read about 98% of the book for free by just reading my blog posts. I will add a new blog post soon that gives you more from the book.

New Love.Life. ™ Podcast Launched

Much of December 2020 was devoted to crafting and recording podcasts with 19 recorded in the month. Whew! Yes, that was a lot of podcasts in one month. Podcasts are a different platform or medium for getting content out to people because it is an audio or voice recording. Why people love podcasts is because they can listen to them while they are driving, walking or exercising, cooking or doing a number of other tasks. Apparently, they also like hearing the author’s voice – oh my. I hope that is true! My Love.Life.™ Podcast is available on 6 different platforms so it is very likely that you can find it on your favorite podcast app. You might have to use “Love.Life. Lisa Lundy” in your search to find it. Here is a link to for my podcasts: To give you an idea of the topics I have covered so far with the podcasts, here is the list as of January 4, 2021:

Love.Life. ™ Podcasts Made as of January 4, 2021:

  1. Episode 1: Be Well Loved
  2. Episode 2: Emotions as a Superpower
  3. Episode 3: Dealing with Depression and Anxiety
  4. Episode 4: Feel Better with Self-Care and Self-Compassion
  5. Episode 5: Using Emotional Pain to Your Advantage
  6. Episode 6: Dealing with Overwhelm
  7. Episode 7: Being Happy When Life is Hard
  8. Episode 8: The Miracles of Gratitude
  9. Episode 9: How to Have More Energy
  10. Episode 10: How to Make New Friends
  11. Episode 11: The Power of Assertiveness
  12. Episode 12: Love Requires Vulnerability and Trust
  13. Episode 13: How to Cope with Stress and Life
  14. Episode 14: Getting Motivated During Hard Times
  15. Episode 15: How to Have More Love in Your Life
  16. Episode 16: Basic Psychology Terms Everyone Should Know
  17. Episode 17: Dealing with Loneliness and Isolation
  18. Episode 18: Dealing with Dysfunctional Families & Toxic People
  19. Episode 19: How to Thrive in 2021 Not Just Survive
  20. Episode 20: Rewrite Your Story Because You Can
Here is the PRWeb News Release on my new book and podcasts: I hope that you are doing well. Please let me know how I can support you. Don’t forget my over 120 YouTube Videos are also available to help you get in the game of life. Love you, Love, Lisa
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Lisa Lundy, B.S., DTM

Author of The Love.Life Book (Due out November 2020)
Author of the Super Allergy Cookbook - Allergy & Celiac Cookbook (September 2007)

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  1. What a great idea to use blog posts for a book of self-help. It looks like there are many tips and suggestions backed by experience and listening to assist with living in the world we are in.

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