Here are the list of Contest Winners

Year of Freedom Winners *Irregularities in the numbers of winners listed is a result of selected winners not claiming their prizes and new winners having to be drawn. August winners were selected weekly and starting in September 2020, winners are drawn on a monthly basis. August 2020 Winners: Week 1:
  1. Cheryl T., Jonesborough, TN – Large Love.Life. zipper pouch
  2. Janel L., Norfolk, VA – Handmade face mask
  3. Shelia V., Orinda, CA – LOVE metal sign
  4. Roger Y., Hamilton, OH – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  5. Ruben R., Melourne, FL – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  6. Monique H.K., Menomonie, WI – $25.00 VISA gift card
  7. Achsah L., Round Rock, TX – Handmade face mask
  8. Tammy C., Las Vegas, NV – Large Love.Life. zipper pouch
  9. Linda Y., Campbell, CA – Large Love.Life. zipper pouch
  10. Tandi , Corpus Christie, TX – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
Week 2:
  1. Briana C., Fort Pierce, FL – Love.Life. desk top metal sign
  2. Kathie H., Elk Grove, CA – Large Love.Life. zipper pouch
  3. Roy F., Los Angeles, CA – Large Love.Life. zipper pouch
  4. Catherine D., Roxbury Crossing, MA – Village Eatery Gift Bag
  5. Audrey B., Matlacha Isles, FL – $25.00 VISA gift card
  6. Sherry M., Red Bay, AL – Large Love.Life. zipper pouch
  7. John G., Lodi, CA – Handmade face mask
  8. Kim N., Bensalem, PA – Handmade cork wallet
Week 3:
  1. Carol V., Rochester, NY – Metal LOVE Sign
  2. Liz K., Eau Claire, WI – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  3. Barbara K., Hebron, IN – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  4. Soraya M., Pembroke Pines, FL – Large Love.Life. zipper pouch
  5. Frankie P., Northpoint, AL – Hand sanitizer
  6. Sophia- K. W., Buffalo, NY – Handmade face mask
  7. Yukti B., Olathe, KS – Handmade Wooden Bird
  8. Terri B., Hickory, TN – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  9. Tammy H., New Smyrna Beach, FL – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
Week 4: (Extra winners to make up for unclaimed prizes from previous weeks)
  1. Andrea A., Olympia, WA – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  2. Carl S., Champaign, IL – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  3. Robbie E., Blythewood, SC – Hand painted water color (6×9)
  4. Patti D., Ironwood, MI – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  5. Asia W., Scranton, PA – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  6. Melanie B., Wilmington, DE – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  7. Chris C., Escondido, CA – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  8. Ashley Z., Morristown, TN – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  9. Pamela A., Duluth, MN – Love.Life Shoulder tote bag
  10. Katherine S., Colorado Springs, CO – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  11. Alice M., Las Vegas, NV – Love.Life. Metal desk sign
  12. Ricky L., Rockwood, TN – $25 VISA gift card
  13. Michelle F., Erie, PA – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  14. Cathy B., O’Fallon MO – Love Pillow
  15. Danielle M., Dover, PA – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  16. Debbie S., Parma, OH – Sterling Silver bracelet
  17. Elise M., Las Cruces, NM – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  18. Laurie D., Toms River, NJ – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  19. Christina S., Orrtanna, PA – Water color painting (6×9)
  20. Danielle N, Norton Shores, MI – Water color painting (6×9)
  21. Teresa E., Mount Bethel, PA – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  22. Edwinna R., Los Angeles, CA – Hand made face mask
  23. Sara S., Pittsburgh, PA – $25 VISA gift card
  24. Dawn H.S., N.Chesterfield, VA – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
September 2020 Winners:
  1. Shietha P.,Gresham, OR – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  2. Kara G., Lodi, CA – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  3. Antoinette M., Waunakee, WI – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  4. John S., Melbourne, FL – Love.Life Shoulder tote bag
  5. Luz S., Tampa, FL – PSU Christmas stocking
  6. Esther B., Highland Park, NJ – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  7. Andrea B., Shingle Springs, CA – Love.Life Shoulder tote bag
  8. John C., East Longmeadow, MA – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  9. Paula O., Abington, PA – Handmade Face mask
  10. Alma L., Sierra Vista, AZ – Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  11. Carmen F, Soddy- Daisy, TN – Love.Life Shoulder tote bag
  12. Vickie L., Toledo, OH – Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
October 2020 Winners:
  1. Nancy B., Columbia, PA -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  2. Ryan B., Shoreline, WA -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  3. Carol C., Joaquin TX -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  4. Andrea E., Gastonia, NC -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  5. Janis O., Ankeny, IA -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  6. Baden J., Saginaw, MI -Handmade face mask
  7. Cheryl M., Fairbury, NE -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  8. Angela K., Danville, IN -Handmade face mask
  9. Kim W., Bethany OK -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
November 2020 Winners:
  1. Danice H., Cypress, CA -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  2. Will S., Fort Lauderdale, FL -6” x 9” Original watercolor
  3. Vickie G., Maricopa, AZ -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  4. Crystal A., Littlerock, CA -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  5. Brittany G., Arden, NC -Handmade Portuguese Wallet
  6. Vicki B., Gainesville, FL -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  7. Dawn J., Beaverton, OR -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  8. Angie B., Reklaw, TX -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  9. Catherine M., Waverly, TX -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  10. Rita W., San Antonio, TX -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  11. Lisa K., Arlington, TX -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  12. Julie L., Fort Mohave, AZ -8” x 10” Original watercolor painting
  13. Lin W., Lake Station, IN -Handmade face mask
  14. Geri L., Oswego, IL -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  15. Judy E., Trabuco Canyon, CA -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  16. Vicki S., Eastpointe, MI -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  17. Jeryl D., Albuquerque, NM -Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  18. Marina S., Parkville, MD -Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  19. Lesley F., Wales, WI -Original 8” x 10” Watercolor painting
December 2020 Winners:
  1. Rhonda T., Vian, OK -Handmade Face mask
  2. Amy R., Hatboro, PA -Handmade Face mask
January 2021 Winners:
  1. Marilyn W., Miramar Beach, FL-Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  2. Denise S., Cary, NC-Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  3. Dave C., Casper, WO-Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  4. William D., West Orange, NJ-Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  5. Diana D., Bloomington, IN-Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
Feburary 2021 Winners:
  1. Kimberly H., Rock Hill, SC-6”x9” Original Watercolor art
  2. Jerrica S., Ellsworth, SD-Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  3. Susan K., Fort Myers, FL-Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  4. Lilly C., Junction City, KS-Love.Life. Metal sign
  5. Frank S., Yorktown, VA-Love.Life. Large zipper pouch
  6. Kristyn C., Spotswood, NJ-Love.Life. Shoulder tote bag
  7. Nancy R., Beaver Falls, PA-Love.Life. Book (Handbook on Life)
  8. Mike M., Floral Park, NY-Love.Life. Large zipper pouch